Construction & Engineering

Construction & Engineering

With the continued expansion of extraction companies into developing countries with poor infrastructure, global and regional construction and engineering corporations are increasingly deploying their staff and assets overseas.


Traditionally being based in a first world country and under the authority of first world regulation these construction and engineering companies are being requested to bring their expertise and experience to help develop infrastructure in harsh and sometime hostile environments.


Often the engagement and deployment of an engineering or construction company by the extraction industry in a developing country will allow it more opportunity and demand from other companies and agencies operating in that country. In many cases the initial contract that motivates the construction company to mobilise to a new country often allows longer term business operations. Assero is a trusted and suitable provider to support this deployment and transition.


With the deployment of large scale staff numbers and assets construction companies look to Assero to support their operations and secure their staff and assets. By working closely with the company Assero is able to put into place practical procedures to assist in the safe and efficient delivery of services and goods.


Assero has provided these services to construction companies throughout the Africa and Asia Pacific regions. The following security solutions have been deployed for Engineering and Construction companies:


Imbedded Security and HSE Managers;

Imbedded Security and HSE Field Coordinators;

Risk Assessments and Security Planning;  

Secure Transport Services;  

Asset tracking and monitoring;

Communication planning and infrastructure set up and management.


Case studies and references can be made available on request.


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