Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

Assero core business areas and expertise has developed from delivering security advice and technical solutions to Oil and Gas companies. Through recommendations Assero has grown its market share of Oil and Gas companies by offering a global standard of security delivery with local results and applications.


Assero has supported international, independent and national energy companies in their pursuit of new oil and gas reserves. Being utilised as an advisor and partner Assero has acted as an enabler to Oil and gas companies in hostile environments protecting installations, equipment, personnel and operations.


Assero recognises that exploration and recovery of new oil and gas reserves are proving to be huge technical and operational challenges. The ability of a security provider to adapt to the varying challenges faced by Oil and Gas companies is the key to supporting them in achieving their core business goals.


The approach to security within the Oil and Gas community has changed with more companies looking to engage the services of a niche security provider, such as Assero, who are able to offer targeted practical and technological solutions. Reliance on large global guard force companies and risk management consultancies has been replaced with demand for smaller dynamic private security companies who the Oil and Gas companies can build a relationship with to ensure a proactive partnership in the approach to risk management.


Oil and Gas security has developed from security companies providing a simple solution of providing personnel to protect installations and pipelines to a fully integrated approach combining consultancy, risk assessment, risk management, technology and human response.


In addition to conventional security support such as patrols Assero has provided pipeline monitoring systems incorporating fibre optics and radar.


By combining trained and professional manpower solutions with the most advanced fit for purpose technical solutions Assero is the partner of choice for the Oil and Gas sector.


A short list of some of the solutions Assero have delivered
to the Oil and Gas sector is detailed below:


Manned Guarding;

Asset Tracking;

Physical Security Measures;

Urban and Rural vehicles;

Defensive Trained Drivers;

Embedded security and HSE managers;

Provision and manning of safety and security vessels;

Distribution security solutions including pipeline security;

Quick reactions teams;

Community affairs liaisons;

Site security management;

Monitoring and communication;

K9 Solution.


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